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50 hours Yin Fascial Yoga TTC – SWEDEN

July 9th to 15th – Sweden
50 hours Yin Fascial Yoga TTC

Applied Myofascial Release & 5 Elements Qigong


Welcome to Little Peace Yoga in collaboration with internationally renowned teachers Beta Lisboa and Simon Calder. Yin yoga has gained a lot of attention in the past 10 years, partly because of the medical discoveries within the field of fascia and its´ importance for the body as a whole.
This training of 50 hours total, will run for a week in July of 2018.
It is perfect for you who are curious and want to know more what is behind this beautiful practice, or want to continue to learn the skills to teach it safely and individually. You can attend both modules or only one, to fit your convenience and interest.
Most welcome!


9–11 of JULY
25 hours Yin Fascial
Yoga training (part 1)


This training will teach you how to effectively release physical and energetic blockages in the fascial system of the body.

Traumatic imprints in the fascial system compromises the freedom of movement and expression in the physical body, stopping one to live fully in the present moment.

It will give you a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques to your Yin Yoga practice and teachings.

This 25 hours Yin Fascial Yoga training is an investigation into the physical body incorporating the Fascia system into Yin yoga.



• Learn and practice the basic Yin Yoga postures
• Learn and practice how to apply self Myofascial
Release to poses
• Understand Fascial anatomy and physiology
• Become familiar with the fascial tissue
• Become familiar with Fascia Release in Yin yoga
• Learn and experience how to track sensations
in the body during the practice (Mindfulness)
• Understand the Yin Fascial Yoga concepts for
a greater teaching
• The Art of teaching Yin Fascial Yoga
• How to use balls, blocks and props to release
fascia in the yin yoga
• How to touch to release fascia (Myofascial
• 3 Yin Fascial Yoga sequences for the front,
back and spiral Myofascial lines


13–15 of JULY
25 Hours Yin Fascial
Yoga training (part 2)

This is a deeper experiential study of the structural body!

This training is the second part of the 50 hours Yin Fascial Yoga training we will go deeper into “The art of Teaching” investigating each aspect of how to teach the poses and how to sequence them to structure specifics classes for specifics target.



• Bringing together Myofascial Release and Yin
Yoga, to structure sequences for an effective
and personalized Yin Fascial Yoga class
• Healing the Myofascial system from traumatic
• Gaining a deeper understanding of Myofascia
anatomy and physiology
• Experiencing fascia release from Daoist
Qigong practices
• Becoming familiar with the quality of the
connective tissue by practicing Myofascial
Release therapy with adjustments and touch
• Experience Mindfulness
• Experience Chakra healing in Yin yoga classes



This is a (Yoga alliance continuing education program) certification. For each part of this training there will be a 25 hour certificate. With 20 hours of contact and 5 hours of non – contact for studies and homework.

If you attend the 50 hours training, this is one part of the 4 modules that composes the 200 hours International Yoga Alliance registered certificate teacher training 



PART 1 (25 hours) or PART 2 (25 hours)
4.000 sek (app: 400 €)
Early bird discount until april 1 st: 3.500 sek (app: 350€)

TOTAL COURSE (50 hours)
7.000 sek (700)
Early bird discount until until april 1 st:
6.500 sek (app: 650€)




Beta Lisboa
Beta’s approach is all focusing on physical and emotional trauma release, and improving long-lasting wellness for Body & Mind. She is well known for her expertise in guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes, with a unique combination of all or some elements of her training programs. Her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life changing and is suited to people who are curious and ready for transformation in their lives.
Read more about Beta www.betalisboa.com


Simon Calder
Simon’s main focus is aligned with reducing and releasing of built up residual tensions in the body, emotions, mind and spirit. To offer a framework and direction thats assists in all functions of the body mind system to stay free of further problems and to promote a simple straight forward system that can be shared by anyone to aid in the relief of suffering, allowing the inspired potential of each person to be activated and understood. To wash away the weights inflicted by life, releasing to life, to become more alive.



Little Peace Yoga is a simple yogastudio in the heart of Råsunda, Stockholm. We offer about 20 classes a week and host several workshops with renowned teachers. The studio has high ceilings, and big windows facing a small garden and a street with chestnuttress. In the blocks there is a café, bakery, grocherie store and several restaurants. The studio has a small kitchen with refrigerator and a stove, (no microwave). A shower, two bathrooms and a props room with everything you need to support 20 participants. There is no reception, you just enter the shala from the street and walk across it into the little dressingroom wich also serves as a lounge. The shala has a soundsystem, wi-fi and always free tea!
how to get here: Address: Förrådsgatan 3 in Solna. It is 8 minutes by the blue subway line from the centralstation and the stop is ”Näckrosen”. You can reach it by bus 515 and get off at ”Uppfartsvägen”, commutertrain to Solna Station, tramp to Solna or by car. Most welcome!


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