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50 hours Dynamic Spiral Yoga teacher training – POLAND


May 13th – 19th 

50 hours Dynamic Spiral Yoga foundations 


This training is an in depth study of the Dynamic Spiral Yoga. It offers a detailed breakdown and study of the complete System of Spiral Fascia Dynamics, giving you the profound understandings of a whole new way of moving and practicing.


Dynamic Spiral form focus on the Fascial system release and how to take Yin energetic qualities into the Yang Dynamic fluid movements.
In this course you will

  • understand and practice the foundation of the traditional yoga asanas applied to the Dynamic Spiral system.
  • learn anatomy and physiology of the fascial system.
  • Understand and embody the mechanics of Spiral Movement through the body.
  • learn and experience fascia anatomy and physiology
  • how to create an effective practice of Dynamic Spiral combined to Yin Fascial yoga, a Yin & Yang class
  • you will learn the Qigong foundational movement for the effective Dynamic Spiral practice
  • how to combine movement with stillness for a complete asana practice
  • how to put together a Dynamic Spiral Yoga sequence
  • be able to feel the energetic quality that opening the body with Spiral Dynamics creates.
  • have a deeper understanding of the full potential of movement within your body.
  • Learn Fascia and Joint conditioning sequences.


Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a profound understanding of the way the body and Fascia move when we align ourselves with the dynamism of the flow of nature, giving the maximum range of possible freedom and movement to the Fascia, muscles and joints. All movement is birthed from the core of the body and spirals outwards through the tissues, creating a wave of energy in motion, bringing the power and support of the soft Yin tissues into a Dynamic Yang practice.


This will be a challenging journey deep within, to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back from moving forward with your intentions and dreams. This is a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually demanding experience. It is both intense and soft. Expect to bend, sweat, ache, collapse, stand up, strengthen, open, cry and giggle. Expect also to move deeper into your relationship with the core nature of who you are to connect with your authentic self and to learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from that place.


Tension and Trauma stored in the fascial system compromises the freedom of movement and expression in the physical body, stopping one to live fully in the present moment. By uncovering, revealing and releasing the stagnations we can bring the body to it’s full potential.


The Dynamic Spiral Yoga Teacher Training has been developed by Beta Lisboa and Sai Calder and combines over forty years of study, practice and teaching to deliver a unique program which will give you a strong foundation for your practice and teaching.

Sai brings his Qigong and Yoga background to this program as he has more than 20 years of practicing and studying.

Beta brings a combination of Yoga, continuous and spontaneous movement, water and free flow dance and Gyrokynesis. All together create this amazing fluid Dynamic Spiral practice.


 This is a IYA certificate 200 hours training

With 40 hours of contact and 10 hours of tutor supported non – contact for studies and homework.


 This 50 hours training is one part of the 4 modules that composes the 200 hours International Yoga Alliance registered certificate teacher training 


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