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25 hours Yin Fascial Yoga applied 5 Elements Qigong & Myofascia Release


25 hours Yin Fascial Yoga applied 5 Elements Qigong & Myofascia Release

From April 20th to 22nd  – SINGAPORE


This Integrative training will teach you how to effectively incorporate the Practices of 5 Element Qigong and Myofascia Release with Yin Fascial Yoga. Looking at the structure of each of the Five elements and how and why each posture affects our fascial system.

 It will give you a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of 5 Element Qigong techniques to your Yin Yoga practice and teachings, and how they perfectly flow together.



What will you learn from this training?


  •  How to integrated Yin Yoga postures with 5 Element Qigong.
  • How to circulate energy through the main Meridian Channels of the Body
  • How to use Myofascial Release techniques to release fascia in the Yin yoga postures.
  • Fascia anatomy, Meridians and the Organ system.
  • Knowing and understanding the 5 Element qualities
  • Directly experiencing how the Yin/Yang organ system directly affects us.
  • Learn and feel the qualities of Qi in the meridians
  • How Yin Fascial Yoga and Qigong work together
  • How to work with the Body Tissues related to each Organ.
  • How to circulate energy through the main Meridian channels of the Body
  • How to Boost and balance your energy with Embryonic Breathing.
  • Be able to Physically and energetically ground and center your practice.
  • Myofascial Cupping technique




1. Grounding, walking and breathing free! Working on the Psoas and Diaphragm fascial bands. 

Beta will lead you into a journey back to your body, to the earth, to your human existence. You will work on the feet, opening the plantar fascia to stabilise a better connection to the earth and your blueprinting (ancestors). With exercises to open up the feet, to release the plantar fascia and to establish a connection with your feet and the ground.
Than working on the fascial bends of the ilium – psoas and diaphragm muscles. You will be lead towards an emotional and physical trauma release in order to diminish the damage caused by the constant stress mode, fight or flight reflex and adrenal fatigue, a common syndrome nowadays.


 2. 5 Element System – Part 1

The 5 Element Systems has the sole responsibility for a healthy life from the profound understanding of Daoist Yoga. The balance of the Yin/Yang organ system of the body is responsible for the quality and condition of everything from our muscles, digestion, immune system, hormonal balance, concentration, emotional wellbeing and energy levels. With a specific set of postures and movements which loosen and open the fascia of the organs and energise the meridians of the subtle body we can gain a deeper insight to our own personal wellbeing.


In Part 1 we will look at each of the qualities of the 5 elements and how they directly effect the fascia and complete structural system of our bodies. Looking into each of the Organs, body tissues and sense organs that compose our complete physical makeup and the effect that each element has on the health and quality of these tissues. Looking deeply into what constitutes a 5 Element practice and how we can use this in our own personal lives and in our class teachings. We will look into various acupoints to see how they open the Fascia and how we can incorporate these into our Yin practice. We will look into the concept of DaoYin which one of the foundations for Yin Yoga. It will take use directly into the practice of everything we looked at in part 1. Firstly loosening and activating the fascia with Fascial release exercises, then applying this into a specific sequence of Yin postures, using Acupoints to further deepen the practice and stimulate and open the Fascia. Creating a journey into the 5 Element Organ system to Soften, open, nurture and tonify the 5 Element Organ System.


3. 5 Elements System – Part 2 

5 Elements Module 2 Pt1….Lecture….In this mode we will be focusing on the energetic side of the 5 element system, looking into the meridian system and how it flows through the body and times of day that it fills each organ and meridian. We will look deeper into the 5 element system to understand how each organ effects each other organ and how we can use the 5 elements system to Balance of lives. We will look into different qualities of our energetic Body to understand how Yin Yoga effects the energetic system and why it becomes an essential part of our practice. Understandings the positive and negative emotions that each organ produces and how they effect of bodies and energetic system. Looking at the relationships of Wei Qi, Ying Qi and Yuan Qi. Here we will look at specific sets of points that directly open up into organs as doorways into to release constricted physical and energetic patterns in the 5 element system.Here we will take all the knowledge from  the first part to incorporate a practice that involves, Yin Postures, Circulating energy through the meridians, Acupoints to release and tonify the organs, into a second specific sequence of Fascia release exercises and Yin Yoga postures. Focusing now more on the energetic flow than the physical body, giving rise to a profound connection and understanding of the importance of mindfulness in or practice.


4. Myofascial Anatomy and Physiology 

This is a lecture and practice throughout the fascinating Myofascial system. Understanding from the theory and practice perspective of anatomy and physiology of the Fascial System. An full practical and theoretic understanding.


5. Myofascial release and adjustments to yin yoga

We will offer you a new overview and experience to bring Myofascial Release to jour Yin Yoga classes.
Learn how to feel fascia, how to help release the tensions around the fascial bends and how to isolate muscles and focus on fascia while you are adjusting your students.
We will teach you an effective Self – Myofascial Release while you are in the postures, how to apply TCM cupping to release fascia and the use of balls into the myofascial trigger points. 





 For each part of this training there will be a 25 hour certificate

With 20 hours of contact and 5 hours of non – contact for tutor supported studies and homework.

Price – Please contact Outta Hatha Yoga for more information




 Day 1 (Afternoon)

 4 hours

 Day 2 & 3

 4 hours morning (practice & lectures)

4 hours afternoon (lectures & The art of teaching) 



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